Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chapter 28: Birthdays

Ivy decides to give the chocolate candy maker a go.

Boy, those sure look good.

Taste good too.

Derek checks out Dagmar from behind as she performs a tricky shot.

Having a pool room certainly keeps the elders entertained.

Ivy is getting ready to celebrate her transition to elder hood.

An all adult party, a little unusual in this legacy house.

Happy Birthday Ivy!

This isn't too bad, at least she transitioned into a decent outfit.

Alexander and Ivy
(I always find these pictures a little odd until the other person transitions).

Do they talk about anything besides travel?

Benjamin says hi to the bun in the oven.

I think these interactions are too cute.

Looks like it's time for the bun to come out!

Welcome baby Celeste!

I'm very excited to have another girl.

Derek doing some garden work, he loves puttering around the house.

Ivy and Meadow hanging out together.

Proud father.

Everyone loves having a baby around the place. Alexander dotes on his first granddaughter.

A sweet mother and daughter picture.

Benjamin and Celeste.
This is one of my all time favorite pictures.

Chapter 27: Back at Home

Benjamin and Meadow move back into the Bertino family home together.

Looks like the fireman was called to the welcome home BBQ.

Meadow spends the first few nights in the spare kids room until the wedding takes place.

Meadow jamming with her future in laws.

Ivy suggests a cross country train trip to the couple as a possible honeymoon.

People arriving in formal wear can only mean one thing.

A wedding!

What do the happy couple do right after the ceremony? Pull out the pillows of course.

Brandon thinks this is the best wedding ever.

Toasting the happy couple.

Lost in each others arms.

Cutting the cake as it gets dark.

Cake inside.

Off to that much talked about honeymoon. Where are they going? Only the Benjamin and Meadow know.

The party continues with the bride and groom gone. Derek still thinks his wife is hot stuff.

Ivy and Derek having a great time dancing.

Back at home in the first master bedroom.


Pancake breakfast, dress is casual around here in the morning.

Uh oh, looks like Derek annoyed the wrong person.

Painting is such a great retirement hobby.

Meadow gets a job in the movie business.

Updated view of the Bertino home.

With the growing number of people around the home a new place to house the workout machines and activity equipment was needed. The storage room is next to it.

Another view, the two bathrooms available are good for an after workout shower and are very useful for big parties.

Benjamin decides it's time to leave home and head off to university.

A shot of Benjamin and Meadow's diplomas proudly displayed in the living room.

Benjamin spending some time with his grandma.

They are still so cute together!

Dagmar decides to get a part time job in the slacker career track, something to keep her busy.

Relaxed family moment.

Meadow gets her first bump.

Dagmar heads off to her new job.

Ivy gives advice to Meadow on what to expect with the first baby.

And here is the second bump! Meadow seems a bit surprised.